Create a WEB server with your own computer (Beginner’s Guide)

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Today I will show you how to create a web server with a generic PC. So to complete your web server you need to have a computer, it doesn’t matter whether it is a laptop or a Desktop , operating system installed on that pc , network connection , vmware or oracle virtual box(optional),XAMPP of WAMP and a simple HTML page to test http access.

First install XAMPP or WAMP on to your Pc or as I mentioned above you can install XAMPP or WAMP on to your virtual Os through vmware or virtualbox.For now I am using VMware+Windows 7+XAMPP.I recommend to use virtualization software, in case of testing the web server you dont need to have two PCs, you will need only one pc and you can build server and client both inside the same pc.

You can download xampp by following link:-

Download xampp

Let’s install xampp on our virtual os . It’s just a simple installation so I am not gonna describe that at this post.After installing xampp you will see the control panel of xampp. At that control panel there is a service called apache so you need to install that by clicking on the red color cross mark.After that click on start.


Ok now your apache server at running state now you can host a web page on your computer.Now you can test your server using a web browser.Open a web browser and type “localhost/index.html”.Then it will display a web page says “It Works”.

Access Your Web Page with another PC on Local Network

After creating apache server you should able to access web server with your client pc. As I mention above I am running apache on vmware and client will be my host machine. If it is same as mine you have to configure vmware as follow.

  • vmware and host pc should be on the same network so you have to configure network settings as “Bridged” and select “Replicate physical Network”
  • and issue ping command on both machines, if ping is successful then you are ok if it’s not check your firewall settings.

You can host your own web pages with xampp for that you need to locate htdocs folder.Default location is C:\xampp\htdocs. InĀ  that folder you will able to see two files as index.php and index.html.
you need to rename those files. Because in that directory only one index file can be exists on same file format ex:- php or html .

After renaming those files add your files and rename your home page as index.html (if it is on html).Because when you type web address on address bar it will search for index file first.Thats why you should name your home page as index.

For this setup we are using server’s IP address as the domain.Actually when we type a domain name it will also convert in to a ip address that is DNS system or Domain Name System.

above picture is showing a sample html page running on apache. is the server’s ip address and web browser belongs to client (host machine that running vmware).

That’s all about creating a web server using XAMPP and my next post will be creating a web server on linux.

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