How to Create Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare public server at HOME

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From this post I am gonna show you how to create a call of duty 4 multiplayer server by using less resources. Actually playing call of duty is a great thing to have fun with friends.But think one of your friends unable to play with your LAN setup because he is not in your neighborhood or not in your city or no matter he is not in your country.Then you gonna need this server.But I have to mention one thing this server setup is not powerful as other online servers that we play usual,Though this is capable of online connections it has it’s own limitations. I’ll talk about them later.

Let’s see how to setup our little server

you need to be installed a  windows operating system( windows xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10) and I am using windows 8.1 for demonstration purposes.Because we are setting this server to open a connection to online players or players through a WAN connection you need to have a little bit reliable internet connection with a router , normally I prefer ADSL Connection. But you can use a LTE connection  or latest fiber home broadband .Most important part of this setup is call of duty 4 with the latest patch 1.7 or probably 1.8 and punkbuster installed .There’s another tool called simple port forwarding tool you have to download that software also to get this setup done.

Now I am gonna explain you all the necessities that I’ve mentioned above.

  • your Operating System :-any version of windows mentioned above
  • ADSL router with port forwarding facility
  • Two copies of COD4 Game copies (one for sever and one for playing )

I’ll start with setting up game copies 

Install the Game with a Setup or get a installed copy.After that make sure that copy of game is patched with latest patch and punkbuster installed.

Then your game folder will look like this

Take a copy of the game with exact installation files.As I prefer I will take the copy on to a different disk Drive.

after that locate iw3mp.exe file in your game file and make a desktop shortcut.At that shortcut go to  it’s properties and at  target field type this script.

+set fs_game mods/modfolder +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg +set sv_punkbuster 1

In the above command “modfolder” means the folder name that containing the mod ex:- I am using pml220. But You can use any version of promod or another mod according to your favor.

iw3p.exe shortcut with above script is shown in above.

Let’s Allow Outsiders to Connect our Server

This is the important part of this setup . As I mentioned above You need a router with port forwarding facility.Default port for call of duty is 28960 So you need to open 28960 port on your router. Let’s peek in to that section . In this part you gonna need that tool I’ve mentioned above Simple port forwarding tool.

First you need to log in to your admin controls of your router by using your browser. Type your router gateway IP address in the will find that ip on backside of your router.Mine is most of routers will come with that address while some routers with a different gateway address.

After login in to your Router try to locate port forwarding settings.In my router configurations are located in Advanced setup > NAT > virtual server  while some routers  have named set of configurations as port forwarding or NAT forwarding.However procedure and process will be same.

During Port forwarding Configurations you need to get your local network IP address by using IPCONFIG command.After issuing that command on command prompt try to find your local network adapter IP address. My network configurations shown in below

Then last part of network configuration. Open up that tool simple port forwarding tool and follow exact steps that I do. you can get that software from this website

Okay,  We have finished setting up server.So as a summary I will revise all the things I’ve done to build up this server .

  • installing cod4 and installing punkbuster
  • do port forwarding  in your router
  • make a static local ip and choose the correct application by using simple port forwarding tool

Theres another thing that I have to mention . As we are home broadband users ISP will offer us s dynamic IP address . Dynamic means our ip address will change when we reboot our router and previous ip address will not valid for make a connection . For that you can use Dynamic DNS service to make a DNS to your server.

As I mentioned above this server has it’s own limitation. If I point out those things they will be ;

  • Only few players will be able to connect with your server from outside the network because more players will use more resources and your server will be lagged.
  • players will not be able to connect to your server if you faced to a power failure or after rebooting your router.But this problem can solve easily by using a dynamic dns
  • If you are using same computer for the server and playing the game sometimes your server will reduce performance.But this thing will depend on your pc’s performance

There’s another thing to tell about port forwarding configurations under the NAT setting there will be a option to disable firewall on your router . As I prefer I’m disabling the firewall during that configuration.Because it will block data flows from outsiders during game play.

That’s all about creating a cod4 server for private use.  So readers if you have any doubts or questions please mention them in the comment section and not only that you can give me a feedback on this post as this is my first blog post.No matter your feedback is negative or positive please mention anything you feel about this post . Don’t forget to follow my blog and share among friends.

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