Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Hacked

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Chaos Computer Club proves that the iris scanner is no good: a group of hackers at the Chaos Computer Club from Germany put the latest iris scanner on Samsung Galaxy S8 to test. The scanner, as you may already know, is a lock system that lets a user lock and unlocks one’s phone by simply staring at it and getting one’s irises scanned so as to verify one’s identity. Such biometric technology has seemingly taken over the conventional password systems that are now perceived to be outdated and less secure.

How they did that?

Hackers at the Chaos Computer Club used a laser print of the person’s iris and lenses on that picture to fool the iris scanner.Also, the laser print was taken out of Samsung’s premium laser printer.

Iris scanners are more dangerous than other biometrics: According to one of the spokesperson of Chaos Computer, Dirk Engling, the iris scanner is much more vulnerable to breaches than fingerprints scanners since irises are always exposed. There is no way to hide them, and as such, they can easily be replicated.

Unfortunately, despite the dangers, biometrics are overtaking the traditional password systems as evidenced by the recent launch of “selfie pay” by MasterCard and the more common face recognition system introduced in Australia, to replace the traditional passport verification process. Although these systems sound hi-tech and more secure, the reality, however, is clearly the opposite.

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