Operating Systems for Hackers

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Today by this article I will talk about operating systems suite for Hackers,penetration testers,Sysadmins,Cryptographers and students who like to research about security.Specially all of these operating systems are based on Linux because of flexibility with Linux and it’s free and open source so developers and contributors of this operating systems intend to use Linux as their basement.

Kali Linux

Kali is a debian based operating system that have ability to involve with forensic jobs and hacking purposes.It came with nearly 600 tools such as metasploit,social engineering toolkit,nmap,john password cracker, hydra,ettercap and more for hacking, scanning ,network attacks etc.. Also kali is the rewrite of Back-Track security distro and developed by Offensive Security.This penetration OS has a huge community support as well as comes with vmware and ARM platform support.This also supports for live boot capability.Now Kali Linux is based on a rolling release model

Download Kali Linux

Parrot Security OS


This also a Debian based operating system that developed by Frozenbox team.This also compatible with ethical hackers,penetration testers,Cryptographers and people who involve with cyber-security.This is also cloud friendly operating system.Actually Parrot OS is a mixture of Kali linux and frozenbox.Tools of the parrot os updated with Kali repositories and Operating System gets update with it’s own dedicated frozenbox repos.It comes with MATE desktop environment and the powerful interface is derived from famous Gnome 2

Download Parrot OS

BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux is derived from arch linux.This Operating System is also created for ethical hackers and forensics.BlackArch Linux consists with nearly 1400 tools.This OS also have it’s own repositories

This OS also similar to other Pentesting operating systems

Download BlackArch Linux

Back Box

Ubuntu based operating system that has ability to perform all kind of hacking and cracking roles.It’s good for most security professionals and students those who intend to learn about cyber-security.

The software repos of the hacking tools in this hacking operating system are regularly updated with the most stable versions.This also consists with most popular web analysis tools ,network analysis tools and and a complete desktop to give a better user experience.

Download Backbox

Samurai Web Testing Framework

Samurai Web Testing Framework is basically a live Linux environment that comes pre-configured to work as a web pen-testing platform. The framework contains multiple free and open source hacking tools for detecting vulnerabilities in websites. It’s often called the best operating system for Web Penetration Testing.

Download Samurai WTF

Pentoo Linux

Based on Gentoo linux and 32bit and 64bit live installable versions are available.This XFCE-based distro comes with persistence support that allows you to save all the changes you make before running off a USB stick.This excellent hacking operating system comes with a wide variety of tools that fall under categories like Exploit, Cracker, Database, Scanner etc. This Gentoo derivative inherits the Gentoo Hardened feature set that brings additional control and configuration.

Download Pentoo

Actually there are tons of Penetration operating systems you can find by just googling.So These operating Systems are my favourites and I wrote my feeling about these stuffs.Readers,You can test these things and share among your friends and don’t forget to comment things that you know.Even you can make your own penetration testing operating system by editing existing Linux distribution.

Also you can know more inforamtion about Linux Distros by visiting http://distrowatch.com


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