Taking Care Of Batteries

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Batteries, Where can I Start , Modern day electronic devises  From smart phones , tablets ,laptops ,drones to toys all uses batteries. Thanks to the French physician Gaston Planté Who invented the first rechargeable batteries in 1859 Nowadays we don’t have to replace a battery every time it runs out of power.

 However the rechargeable battery have limited number of discharge cycle so taking care of these battery is a Good thing. More cycles you use less effective your Lithium ion battery gets. these days most of the electronic devises use Lithium ion battery. So we are mostly focusing on Lithium ion battery in this article. 

Here is what you should do to protect your batteries

  • Perform shallow discharges

Instead of discharging your batteries to 0% all the time you should try to discharge them little-bit and try to charge them back little bit. according to the research of Battery University discharge to 50% is way better than, small discharge of 90% or discharging your battery all the way down to 0%. According to them 50% discharge provide best cycles-to-usage ratio.

  • Don’t leave it fully charged

Lithium ion batteries don’t need to charge to 100% in fact it is best to charge them between 40%-80 to have the best lifetime And if u charged your battery to 100% it is recommended to to unplug your device but this is not a must for modern day laptops and smartphones like devises because they have vary good safety methods inside them to prevent batteries from over charging. although if you need to be sure you can use something like  Belkin Conserve Socket to

  • Fully discharge it once a month

Some guys might not agree with this but before you go to the comment section and point this out you should read what I’m going to tell you. As  said above lithium-ion batteries shouldn’t be discharged regularly, most modern batteries are  known as “smart batteries”, which means that they can tell you how long you have until your battery dies But After lot of shallow discharges this can get miscalculated. So battery manufacturers recommend fully discharging your battery once a month to make sure this stays accurate

  • Keep it cool

Most people don’t look into this as a much of a problem.same as your possessor and graphics card your battery also can effected by the heat. A hot battery will degrade in health much quicker than a cool one. So because of this  I recommend you to use a laptop cooler and keep your smart phones cooler. Also temperatures bellow 0 Celsius not good for your batteries. So don’t over cool it.

keep these things in your mind and your battery will have long life but you don’t need to follow these thing as said above so you can make changes as you see fit.





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