Mantistek GK2 with a inbuilt keylogger

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If you are a gamer you have to think about equipment that you use for your gaming habit. So when you’re choosing a keyboard you’re thinking about it’s technology , how it suits for your gaming life and how it’ll make you comfortable.

But did you ever think about a keyboard can send your data in to a remote server with an inbuilt keylogger.However it’s here Mantistek GK2 will send your keystrokes to china server with ip address

Mantistek keyboards comes with a cloud driver software intend to synchronize data between keyboards and remote server that situated in china.According to Tom’s Hardware that keylogger isn’t a fully developed or fully functioning keylogger while it collects data about how many times a certain key was pressed by the user.

This Chinese server tied to Alibaba servers that also sells cloud services such as Amazon and Google . That IP address mentioned above will send you directly into a Chinese login page, which translates to “Cloud mouse platform background management system” and is maintained by Shenzhen Cytec Technology Co., Ltd.

 MantisTek keyboard’s software sends the collected data to two destinations at that IP address:

  • /cms/json/putkeyusedata.php
  • /cms/json/putuserevent.php

To prevent from this situation you need to stop using this keyboard of have to block CMS.exe with a firewall rule.Also You can use a network monitoring tool Like Glasswire to stop unnecessary connections towards WAN.

As Summary we have to stay away from cheap chinese products because of there poor security as well as short time of durability.


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